Registry Do's and Dont's

I’m sure we have all attended a wedding where the couples’ registry is so small, that once a few items are purchased you’re then left with a choice of the lone fork, or odd knickknack. Since wedding season is just getting underway, we wanted to give you all a few tips to registry success with a simple list of do’s and don’ts.

 Do think ahead! Even if dinner parties aren’t your thing these days, that could change quickly once you’ve said “I do”. You could possibly be hosting Thanksgiving next year! Use this time to get a few key items. Serving platters, large bowls, and a covered dish will definitely come in handy.

 Don’t list your registry on your invitation. Instead create a wedding website that has this information, as well as links to each store. As you’re registering also be aware of how many items you have available for purchase in the store as well as online. That way your guests have a few options. Websites are also the perfect place to list any other information that would be helpful to your guests.

 Some wedding website builders we love are

1.     Appy Couple-

2.     Wedding Woo-

3.     The Knot-

 Do think outside the box. Your registry doesn’t just have to include items to fill your house. Maybe a dream vacation is more in line with what you want. Now a days registering for a honeymoon is perfectly acceptable! While you’re at it, why not register for some luggage to take with you?

 Don’t ask for cash. While registering for a honeymoon is ok, asking guests to give you cash is still a no-no.

 Do check your registry often. As guests purchase gifts its helpful to continue to add items. That way guests that aren’t as on the ball as others still have a few options.

 Don’t only register for high priced items. You want to avoid making your guests feel bad if they simply can’t afford your gifts. Having a few items at different price points ensures that everyone can purchase something they feel comfortable with. There are even a few websites like Zola that allow you to select group gifts. That way guest can pay as much, or as little, as they want for the big ticket items.

 Do pace yourself! It’s easy to get a little trigger happy while at the store. Before heading out, or online, make a detailed list of everything you want and need. That way while you’re browsing you’ll have a clear direction.

 Don’t register for personal items. As enticing as it may be, this is not the time to register for that designer bag you’ve been dreaming of.

Do have fun! The items you're selecting are the start to your new life with your husband/wife- enjoy every second of it!