A Sunday affair at the Redding Bridal Show

We had so much fun getting to be apart of the Redding Bridal Show this year! It’s always so exciting to talk to the crowds and crowds of brides that pack those aisles. Let me tell you, we can feel all your emotions- excited, scared, anxious, needing a cocktail! (Yes that’s an emotion). And we were so happy to hear that many brides we met were planning a wedding for 2020! Giving themselves over a year to plan, and getting a jump start on it now! *snaps for you*

Why attending a bridal show is a great place to start…

For so many brides they have no clue what to do first when it comes to planning. And what’s even trickier is they aren’t even sure what their style IS. A bridal show gives a great visual for what vendors can offer you. And most importantly you get to talk to those people face to face and see if they’re a good fit for you. A lot of times when you’re looking at someone’s website you may only see photos of their work, but not them. It’s so nice to talk to a real human face, and I think puts the bride more at ease in terms of wanting to go the next step and hire them.

Contact information

Only take cards/flyers from vendors you’re interested in! I mean you can take them all too. But, I remember going to a show and taking everything anyone handed me because I didn’t want to seem rude, and getting home and going uhh.. who was that girl I liked? Make sure to put stickers or a little star or something on your flyers so you know whom you want to follow up with when you get home.

Don’t only talk to vendors you’ve seen on the gram

For whatever reason there were vendors there yesterday that I had not even heard of, but were amazing! Sometimes, and maybe it’s the silly algorithm on social media that’s blocking certain things, but sometimes you just don’t stumble upon certain people. Or maybe they have more of a presence on one media versus the other. Don’t write somebody off just because you haven’t heard of them! If you come across these people at a bridal show, talk to them. Look at their work. There are so many hidden gems out there.

And lastly, you should totally check out a few of my favorite vendors this year! Not only did their booths ROCK but they do too :)

Ashley Moore Photography

Barn Door Rentals

The Haven Collective

Proof Beverage Co.

Essence Photography

Redding bridal show, it’s been real. Until next year!


Karly Anderson