Congratulations, you're Engaged!! Now what?

SOAK IN EVERY MOMENT! That super cliche phrase that every person who is married will tell you, but in all honesty there is so much truth in this statement. The days following your engagement it is easy to start feeling a sense of being overwhelmed. Where to start? What’s my theme? What season? What colors? What dress?

I want you to just stop right there and keep all of that in the back of your mind for now, there will be a time for that, but right after your proposal is not it. One thing that I think is so important, and all too often not done is have an engagement party! You will never get this time back, and you deserve to be celebrated!  Sure, you may think that there will be plenty of wedding festivities ahead, but an engagement party is a great way to soak in each of these moments and every part of your engagement. 

What’s it for? People will want to congratulate you on your engagement, and a party is a lot more fun than a phone call! Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the official first celebration. But these days, more couple’s are throwing their engagement party themselves (but keep in mind that if you're doing the inviting, its your responsibility to foot the bill too). Friends can also host (and may even volunteer to), but before you ask, be conscious of the financial responsibility they may be taking on. 

When to have it? The engagement party should fall within a few months of the proposal, right in that spot where you should be, carefree, just-engaged life and the start to the serious wedding planning. 

So pop a bottle of champagne, write down a list of your family and friends and get to planning your first event! 


For our Redding locals, we've highlighted a few of our favorite spaces to host such an event:

1. View 202: A beautiful, fine dining restaurant, with an elegant atmosphere. Perfect for the couple that would like to have a slightly more formal affair. They offer a private dining room inside, as well as multiple lounge areas on their patio, overlooking the Sacramento River, ideal for an event like this!

2. Westside Wines: A relaxed wine bar with an ever-changing menu of delicious wine. Perfect for the couple that enjoys a good bottle (or two)! They offer the entire space for larger groups, or a section of the room for more intimate events.

3. Shameless O'Leary's: The local Irish Pub. Perfect for a couple that wanted to throw a casual party. With their full bar, pool tables, and shuffleboard table your guests will really get into the party spirit!




Karly Anderson