Flawless Invitations

Starting on wedding invitations can be an intimidating task. We’ve broken down the process for you so can get them easily ordered, sealed, and delivered (cue Stevie Wonder).

First, you should start off by defining your wedding style. This is the first peek your guests will have of what your day will be like. Along with the important information like date, time, and location, your invitation is a hint to more of the detailed aspects. Whether you are having a classic, rustic, modern, or glam wedding, your invitation should also reflect that same style. Think about the colors that you will use and try to incorporate them, if possible, as well. You can then use them on the rest of your wedding paper to achieve a more cohesive look.

It’s also important to learn the rules of wording your invitation properly. You can find some amazing resources online for this- one site that we like is  Brides.com. It is important to accurately list who is the host for the event. It’s also traditional to spell everything out on the invitation, including the time of the ceremony. However, doing this different can also be an indication of the formality of your wedding.

It is easy to get consumed with all the information that you want to give your guests. However, you should try to keep your invitation simple and not over crowded. Information that should absolutely be included is, of course, the date, the time of the ceremony, the location(s), RSVP date, and the dress code. Information that should never be included on the invitation itself, is where you are registered. That should be reserved for your wedding website only. Website information can be listed on a separate insert in your invitation suite.

Consider the date you include for the RSVPs. Make sure to confirm with your caterer when they will need the final headcount as a place to start. I recommend having RSVPs returned no later than three weeks before your wedding. That way you have time to complete the seating chart, create escort cards, update rentals where needed, and adjust floral arrangement counts. You will always have people reply late, but if the bulk of these details can be handled early, that is less stress for you as the date gets closer!

Lastly, we always say to order a few extra invitations than what you need. It seems that families involved in planning, always have additional guests to add that they forgot to include on the initial list. Save yourself the headache, and the money, of trying to order just a few at a later date!