Let's Talk Glam!

Ok ladies, let’s be honest, half of the fun for the bride on her wedding day is getting her glam on! So we are here to help you figure out the perfect bridal makeup look for you! Whether it is for your bridal shower, bachelorette party or the BIG day, these looks will be timeless, yet natural and picture perfect! 

We sat down with Stila’s cosmetics product development director and independent makeup artist Caitlin Woo, to get some helpful tips on a timeless and classy bridal look. 

Caitlin started off by telling us that it really comes down to the bride and her personality. The majority of her brides like a more classic look. They want champagne or rose gold shades on the lid with minimal contouring, and if they do, they want lighter, softer bronzes. They want full, rich black lashes. Sometimes they want a classic liner look, like a cat eye, or they want very minimal eyeliner that more frames the lashes and enhances the lash line, but looks more natural. She added that most brides always want "light natural makeup" for foundation, but camera flashes are quick to wash a person out. So it's all about applying foundation that gives you the coverage you want to cover imperfections, but not look like it's caked on. 

This look is natural, yet just enough that it is captured well in photographs, it is a fine balance when it comes to foundation, natural yet camera ready. One thing you want to make sure of, even if you aren't used to wearing a lot of makeup (or any makeup at all) is that you have enough color.

For a romantic look, some of her brides have requested soft, rosy cheeks or a lighter contouring so that their cheekbones appear more defined. Highlight is always a must, you will definitely want some type of highlight to help lift the face. 

Lips are normally requested to be closer to your natural color, but with a slight pop so that it appears in photos. 

One of the biggest pieces of advice that we can give you when it comes to your wedding day makeup, is to DO A TRIAL RUN! We cannot stress this enough! You should look and feel absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day, doing a trial run of your makeup will not only help you feel confident in your makeup artist, but will also allow you to make any necessary changes or adjustments that you want before the big day! 


Below we have added just a few links to Caitlin’s favorite products! 

1. STILA Kitten Eyeshadow: The most classic champagne, and also the original champagne that Stila Cosmetics is known for #funfact! Sometimes this shade is too light on deeper skin tones, Caitlin recommends adding a tan pigment from MAC on top of it. 


2. STILA Matte N Metel Palette: Caitlin has an obsession over the shades in this palette! 


3. Urban Decay Original Naked Palette: This palette has good, warm shades 


4. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: This palette has some great “taupe-y” shades. 


Karly Anderson