Emergency Kit 101


We hate to event put the negative energy out there, but most likely something will not go as planned on your wedding day. All special events have some minor hiccups, but prepare yourself with some helpful tools and those hiccups wont slow you down at all! Below is a list of items we bring to every event to help smooth out any kinks in the day.

  1. Q-Tips and Makeup Remover: a quick fix for any makeup mishaps
  2. Tweezers: perfect for those stray hairs or even splinters
  3. Mini Sewing Kit: be sure to include scissors and safety pins
  4. Baby Powder: nerves, weather, and crowded prep rooms can all lead to sweat. A little moisture absorbing baby powder can keep you feeling fresh all day
  5. Blotting Papers: to nip any shine in the bud
  6. Tampons/Panty Liners: even if you don’t need them, chances are someone will!
  7. Tissues: it’s a wedding…need we say more?
  8. Mini First Aid Kit: make sure it includes band-aids, burn relief and antiseptic- safety first!
  9. Pain Reliever and Antacid: prevent headaches and indigestion which can be brought on by stress
  10. Baby Wipes/Towelettes: perfect to help freshen up on the go!
  11. Deodorant: you may need to reapply before hitting the dance floor. Also, most likely someone will have forgotten theirs
  12. Vaseline: Ideal for putting on sore toes. The added lubrication helps prevent blisters
  13. Straws: stay hydrated while keeping lipstick intact
  14. Breath Mints: pop one right before you walk down the aisle
  15. Super Glue: comes in handy everywhere! Shoes, jewelry, nails, and décor to name a few
  16. White Chalk: our secret weapon for any stubborn mark on a wedding dress
  17. Lint Roller: a must for the groom and groomsmen
  18. Dental Floss: make sure your smile is picture perfect all day
  19. Extension Cord: always nice to have on hand. Gives you that added space for hair tools, phone chargers, and any other power issues
  20. Lotion: for taming any dry patches
  21. Extra Earring Backs: lets face it, those things are hard to keep track of. Last thing you need is to lose one as you’re getting ready
  22. Bobby Pins/Hair Ties: sometimes hairspray just isn’t enough!
  23. Mouthwash: perfect for a quick refresh
  24. Static Spray: in case our bridesmaids are suffering from the cling
  25. Alcohol! Sometimes a quick nip is the extra help you need to tame those nerves!