Korean Skin Care Routine - Is it worth trying?

Dewy, soft, and glowing skin? Who doesn’t want that? Lately we have been hearing amazing things about Korean Skincare regimens. These 10 step, twice daily, routines are said to do wonders. After reading up on them (and being the beauty product hoarder that I am) I decided to try one. I hit the “easy” button and ordered a regimen from Peach and Lily.

The gyst:

Korean skincare methods are more about prevention than reversal. Instead of just slapping products on, they have a distinct order to the way each is applied.

First up is the cleansing process. This is actually a two step process in itself. The first cleanser is oil based and is used, primarily, to remove all makeup. You then follow this by washing with a foam cleanser.

Product(s) used:

    1) Aromatica Coconot Cleansing Oil

    2) Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser

Next is the toner. Usually used after cleansing to pH balance the skin. This step also helps with oil control.

Product(s) used:

    3) Be the Skin Botanical Nutrition (Green) Toner

The following step uses a product category I had never heard of called Essence. An Essence prepares skin to accept the remaining products you're going to add. Therefore making the products you put on that more effective.

Product(s) used:

    4) Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence

This step was the one I was the most excited to try, and it was the sheet mask. I'd heard of them, and had seen them lining shelves at Sephora, but had yet to try one myself. This part of the regimen is AMAZING, and one area where you can really tailor the regimen to fit your skincare concerns. Simply use a different mask for each issue.

Product(s) used:

    5) Cremorlab Triple White Bloom Floral Mask

Serums, serums, serums! Serums are targeted treatments that contain super small molecules to treat various skincare concerns. Another area you customize your regimen based on your goals.

Product(s) used:

    6) Cremorlab Hydro Plus Snow Falls Serum

    7) Aromatica Neroli Brightening Facial Oil

The next step is the eye cream. This step is pretty self-explainatory...crows feet anyone?

Product(s) used:

    8) Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

Last, but not least, is the moisturizer. This obviously provides hydration for the skin, but also seals in that moisture.

Product(s) used:

    9) May Coop Raw Moisturizer

Also included in the regimen is an exfoliator that you only use a few times a week. The product for this was Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel.

Overall I LOVED this regimen. It was a little difficult to get used to the intensity of the routine, and with two small kids, the last thing I want to do before bed is spend 15 minutes on skincare. However, I have tried countless different skincare kits that promise results, and I would see them, but is was always short lived. In no time all my concerns would be back and I'd be exactly where I started. After using these products for a month I saw clear results. My skin was even, I had a more balanced tone, and my breakouts were GONE! I followed it exactly as they say for the first two months, but then started switching my masks. I used GlamGlo Super Mud and Fresh Rose Face Mask. I would alternate the days of these, or would skip it altogether if I felt my skin had just had too much that week.

Brides, if you are looking to try something different that will leave you with flawless skin for your wedding, I would seriously consider looking into a Korean skincare regimen