All I want for Christmas is you: Your first Christmas as a new wife

Embracing your husband's traditions

It can be a very delicate situation when you are the new woman in your husband’s life, trying your hardest not to step on anyone’s toes (*cough, mother in law, cough*), while still trying to create new traditions of your own. Just get used to the phrase, “My mom did it this way…” I think it’s important to still do the things that his family did IF it’s important to him. If they used to always cut down a tree the day after Thanksgiving, make it a point to continue that tradition. But also remember you are creating your own family together, which means you get to create a few traditions of your own. There is no sin in rearranging a few things. What’s most important is that you maintain respect for him and his family throughout all these new changes. Plus a little compromise is good for you.

Decorating your new home

Growing up we always got to help with the tree and the lights outside, but mom did everything else. After a while, we were only allowed to use certain ornaments, while all the nostalgic ones sat in a sad box in the attic. When mom wasn’t looking I’d hang an old one on the back of the tree. Shh, don’t tell. As we got older mom’s Christmas décor game got on another level and eventually, she just did the whole tree herself!

Well, the new queen of Christmas is here. Yes, I’m talking to you! You have officially arrived and get to be the final say when it comes to décor. We’re in your house now!!

Splitting time between two families

It can be hard enough to see both your dad’s and your mom’s side of the family during the holidays. Now you have double the amount of people to try and spend time with. Sure you can split the holidays up- you get Thanksgiving, you get Christmas. But why not add another day of celebration? Who says you can only celebrate on the 25th? Choose a day, maybe the weekend before, and invite those people over who you won’t get to see on the day of. Create new traditions so that everyone is included. When your family begins to grow it really becomes all about the kids, so traveling may get trickier. Make it easier on them by celebrating sporadically all month long. Making memories doesn’t have to be limited to 1 day out of the month. Less rushing, less cramming too much into one day. Enjoy the season, not just the day.

Remember this is your husband’s first Christmas in your new home too. Include him. Find out what’s important to him. Honor the old traditions, and don’t be afraid to create a few new. Merry Christmas!

Karly Anderson