Post Wedding Day Disorder: Is it really a myth?

There is so much pressure for your wedding day to be the best day ever. This is what occupies a woman’s thoughts most of her early years. It’s so fun to fantasize about but in reality puts so much more added pressure on you. The day comes and goes, the honeymoon ends, and you find yourself sitting on your sofa staring at the wall thinking, “Well now what?!” There is a sadness, an intense lost feeling, and a purpose that’s disappeared. This my friends is post wedding day disorder. AKA- PWDD.

This is so natural you don’t even know. First of all you don’t need to feel guilty. Although hardly spoken of, this is experienced by 95% of brides. The other 5% are just magical unicorn chicks that never get sad. Unmarried girlfriends will label you, “Well she must feel like she made a mistake.” This is so far from the truth. It has absolutely nothing to do with the husband and everything to do with the fact that for the last 12 months you have been focusing on one thing. Every moment. Every detail. And now it’s gone. Almost like a death. YOUR WEDDING DAY HAS DIED. Let us take a moment of silence…. (tear). How do you think those outsiders would feel if their “best day ever” had died?! Hopeless! Distraught! Sick to their stomachs!!! In due time they too will be faced with this terrible feeling and you are going to have to share with them what I’m about to share with you.

We need to unite girls. Support your fellow sisters! There are ways to cope with PWDD and you will get through this and live to have a positive and enjoyable life. You need to fill your time with, I hate to say it, another project. However, much lower key! Here are a few ideas:

1- Maybe someone close to you is celebrating a big birthday and you could lend your expertise. Offer to do the invites and organized the guest list. Use those awesome planning skills you’ve mastered!

2- Begin the nesting process in your new home! (or give your current home a facelift!) Choose your style and your colors. What is the feel of the home? Let your creative juices flow here. (This has been my favorite part J of my PWDD recovery.)

3- Make little events feel huge. Maybe every third Tuesday of the month you pull out the good linen and fancy crystal and set the table as if the queen herself were attending. Find any and every excuse to recreate the feeling you had as an engaged woman. That excitement! Find little ways to make every day sparkle.

If you wait for big life events to pull out the good china- you’ll miss your whole life (and probably forget where you put it). The point is it’s ok to be sad, but remember the best moments in your life come from your marriage, not your wedding day. There will be so many “firsts” that you experience together and things to look forward to. (Major cheeseball alert) The journey has just begun! Make every moment a celebration. Put on the dog! We don’t need a special occasion to be fabulous.

You got this girl!!!

Clink clink,


Karly Anderson