Bachelorette Myths

Contrary to popular belief you really don’t need 50 d***s in your face to have a good time at your “last fling before the ring.” Let’s debunk a few of these bachelorette myths right here and now.

You have to be black out drunk for 48 hours straight.

Getting drunk is awesome. I can’t argue with that. I try to maintain a steady buzz at all times. But there is so much pressure on girls (and guys for that matter) to get so messed up they literally forget everything about the entire weekend. All that money and planning for nothing, because you couldn’t keep your shit together, Carol. Do your friends want to spend their weekend babysitting you? No, no they don’t. What about just enjoying that girl time before life gets so crazy and it’s all about buying a house, and popping out babies, and being a wife? Take this opportunity to RELAX before the big day. Because trust me, trying to find time to get your best friends together for a trip becomes nearly impossible when everyone starts their own families. Don’t let this opportunity get wasted. Literally.

You have to have strippers.

If this wasn’t your bachelorette would your fiancé be ok with nearly naked men dancing on you? PROBABLY NOT. I don’t understand how because this weekend has the word “bachelorette” attached to it, that it somehow means free pass. I’m sorry but girls you’re about to marry someone. Don’t do anything that is going to make your man uncomfortable or feel disrespected. It’s just not cool. And vice versa!

You have to go to Vegas.

Ah, sin city. The bachelor/bachelorette capital of the world. We get it- the lights, the glam, the ultimate party scene. Well there’s something I’ve discovered- you can get drunk anywhere. Yep it’s true. Pick a city any city and I’ll drink there. The world is your oyster. Truthfully, I think there are so many other cities that get overlooked! It’s time to change the game, mix it up. What about skiing in Lake Tahoe, shopping in San Francisco, wine tasting in Napa, or renting a beach house in Malibu? If you want to spend a little more money- New Orleans is on the rise as a fun group destination, or my personal favorite, Nashville! AKA Nash-vegas. Take advantage of this opportunity and check out a city you’ve always wanted to visit. You are a grown ass woman you don’t need to be showing your goodies, falling over in 6 inch stilettos in sin city just because society says that’s the protocol. Rent a big house somewhere so y’all can stay home in your yoga pants and get drunk in comfort. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s 2018 the rules don’t apply anymore. There are no standards. There is no pressure. You do you, boo. Your girlfriends will thank you, trust me!



Karly Anderson