How to Choose Your Colors

Start with the time of year:

Spring- Typically pastels- lavender, blush, peach, dusty blue

Summer- You can go brighter here- hot pink, fuschia, (navy and pink are a hot summer combo), yellows

Fall- Think warm hues like reds, orange, champagne

Winter- Here you can go with your deepest shades- burgundy, emerald, deep violet or frosty- like icy blue, silver


Now the girls:

Once you’ve picked your date and you know what season you’ll be celebrating in, then start looking at bridesmaids dresses. Choose these first because it’s very possible you’ll find a dress you like but it won’t come in the color you had hoped for, or the exact shade. And you’ll soon realize there are a thousand shades of pink. “Ballet, rose, begonia, petal” Ok my head’s spinning. Unfortunately, you have to go through all these. Because the last thing you want is your girls to be in hot pink while the table linens are the complete opposite and the whole situation just looks a mess. So start with the dresses. Once you’ve chosen your color, if you can go into the store you’re buying them from and ask for a swatch of that color. Take this with you everywhere you go! This will be your home base. Every time you have to pick out linens, or napkins, or garlands, or flowers, you can pull this out and make sure things are lining up.


On to florals:

For those of us who are not expert horticulturalists, this is a great time to phone a friend: your florist. They are the experts. Meet with them and let them know your main (lead) color choices, and see what they would recommend as additional colors to compliment your theme. I like to have 2 lead and then at least 2 support colors. For instance, your groomsmen tux color may be grey and your bridesmaid's dresses may be violet. So those can be considered your two lead colors. Your florist may suggest a lavender hue in the bouquets to compliment the violet and then some ivory as a nice base making up supporting colors.


And then the details:

Use your supporting colors to add depth to your décor. Napkins, candles, vases. That way your lead colors can POP in the flowers and in your bridal party’s attire. If everything is the same color it gets a tad overwhelming and everything sort of runs together. Create layers in your tablescape with the use of your support colors.

Eh, voila! You are well on your way.


Karly Anderson