Coordinating My First Wedding - A Sweet Reflection

You guys! This is the best feeling ever. And I’d like to share my favorite parts of the experience with you if that’s ok.

The months leading up to the big day it was all talk of details- color schemes, table décor, layouts. I love all of that. I could talk décor for hours- it’s my sweet spot. I got to learn a lot about the bride through that process. But my favorite was actually meeting the couple in person for the first time. It put everything into perspective for me. This isn’t just some fun party we're throwing, this is their WEDDING DAY. It makes everything feel so much more real. Getting to walk the venue together, where they’ll say vows to each other, I could see on their faces they were getting the same feeling I was, THIS IS HAPPENING.

The week of the wedding, the adrenaline started kicking in for me. Coordinating with other vendors and trying to get everyone on the same page, trying to keep the bride as stress free as possible. When the big day arrived, it was like this motherly instinct came over me. I wanted every single thing to be perfect for them. Any little glitches or hiccups, we just made it work. And what’s funny is while I’m worrying about pins for boutonnieres the bride says to me “I just want to be married.” At that point all the little stuff sort of fell away. And when she walked down the aisle, her groom couldn’t even look at her without crying (to be real he was crying before HE even walked down the aisle!). My goal after this point was to just to make sure they had the time of their lives. Which I think we accomplished because they were the last ones to leave the party.

The groom came up to us multiple times throughout the night to say thank you and how grateful they were for our help. That meant so much! I love getting to take some of the stress and weight of the day off of the bride and groom, and off of their families! So many people pitch in to pull off a wedding, and it’s so comforting to watch the bride and groom get to relax and have fun with their friends and family. I love that we are the ones to put out all the little fires and keep the day flowing and our bride and grooms are none the wiser. Being a part of someone’s wedding day is so special and I feel so honored and grateful to have been a part of it.

So, remember to say thank you to all vendors on your big day! Because it truly takes a village, and everyone works so hard to make everything perfect. The simplest “thank you” truly, truly, means the world.

Clink clink,


Karly Anderson